Wednesday, June 9, 2010

birthday boy and all that jazz

Trey's special day has come and gone. He is now officially 4 years old. Stop signs and numbers were his requests for the birthday bash. He was not disappointed. Grandma Carla gave him his very own crossing guard outfit and stop/slow sign. He, Addie and Peyton have enjoyed playing crossing guard.

He also got some FedEx trucks. Now that Daddy works there, FedEx trucks are the best!!

We were able to find someone who could make a road sign cake. (Macey's)

And we made some number cupcakes

He invited his cousins between the ages of 3 and 5 over to swim and play. He doesn't need to have any other friends to his party the cousins made 10 kids including Trey.

In the evening the Grandparents came to his kickball game to see his mad skills and then over to the house for treats. He had a great time with all of the grandparents and was spoiled with more cool presents.

After such an exhausting day, he needed to STOP playing and take a 12 hour nap. (I wish it was 12) I went in to check on him and found him fast asleep with stop sign still in hand. I am sure he was dreaming of stopping traffic and helping children cross the road.

He had a great day! We sure love this kid.


Harmony said...

Happy Birthday Trey! We love you!!

Megz said...

Oh my hilarious.
I do not know any other kid in the universe of kids who owns their own crossing guard outfit.
Next time I want to cross a busy stress I'll call Trey to help out.
Looks like he got everything he needed!

Diana said...

OHMYGOSH, I was laughing so hard at the crossing guard picture. How Cute and innocent of a kid you have! I've never known a kid to be so enamoured with the profession. Normally it's like basketball player of firefighter.... he's so adorably unique! Just from the law of averages though, he can TOTALLY realize his dream while most kids will not be in the NBA. (Now if they both paid the same, that would be something.) He's already good at commanding respect and authority at stopping vehicles. Addie stopped for him it looks like, my sisters would've just plowed me over and laughed about it.


Anyway, Happy Birthday Trey! You are such a cutie! :)

LC said...

Love the crossing guard outfit. Hilarious!