Sunday, June 20, 2010

fathers day

To celebrate fathers day we went to the lake and had a picnic. Landan and the kids had a lot of fun. I am always a nervous person when my kids are around water so I didn't enjoy quite as much as they did. But it was a good time.


Megz said...

Nothing like frolicking in UT Lake!
And I know you can't resist those bum shots....

Diana said...

Did you know it was supposed to be a half-moon before you posted that? ;)

Fun times at the lake... you remind me of Tyson. I grew up at lake powell so although I'm cautious with my girls around water, it doesn't make me nervous. But Tyson didn't have much experience in the water growing up (of course a swimming pool here and there and he can swim, but...) so he is very alert around our kids and water. It's okay though, I'd much rather be paranoid and safe than careless and regretful. :) Every family has a worry wart (which is usually me but Tyson totally trumps me when it comes to water worries) and in your family it's you. Aren't you glad I just rambled on for 5 minutes to tell you that?

I knew it. :)