Wednesday, June 16, 2010

foot loose and diaper free

Summer has begun and we are busy with all the summer time activities. The highlight of the summer is Peyton decided to potty train himself. After the nightmare of a time I had trying to potty train Trey, I was in no hurry to potty train PJ. So He decided he might as well do it himself. He is so opposite of Trey. Peyton is as independent as Trey is dependent. Now if I could get them to rob off on each other a little, it would be great! PJ has a unique sense of style and doesn't think he needs to wear his boy boys In the normal fashion. On top of clothes or backwards are two ways he has sported his undies.
I found him outside this way, yesterday morning. I bet you didn't know they made toddler thongs, did you?

Addie had her last dance performance of the year. It was cute and she did a great job.

We went to see the airplanes take off at the Spanish fork airport. This was soooo very exciting for Trey. We actually got to see two take off.

such pure joy

My mom, Carlene and I along with all of our kids went walking on the Spanish fork trail. The older girls rode their scooters. They had one issue after the next. It took us a very long time to complete the trail and by the end even the best participants were crying... well except for Trey who was singing show tunes. I am glad someone appreciates his surroundings. Even after a very long time.

Peyton and Trey have been enjoying shooting hoops every day.

slam dunking it

what a shooter!!
I wish I could say I was completely enjoying summer. However, with all of the sibling fighting, tantrums and declarations of boredom, I think I am ready for school to start again. (Well not quite)


Harmony said...

Way to go PJ!! I hope I get a baby that potty trains themselves!

Megz said...

I could think of more comfortable ways to wear my undies while riding a scooter....
What are you going to buy with all the money saved on diapers??

Diana said...

Okay if you get a child that will teach themself, so do I. Alexandra was,...ahem, a late bloomer in potty training according to my schedule. It took about a week (which isn't too long, I'll admit)to solidfy the job and now she's great, but I was really hoping for around 18-24 months time frame. Not the 5 months til we're 3 timeframe. Let's fingers crossed Samantha comes roaring through and doesn't disappoint. :) And you wait, toddler thongs will be all the rage one day.

I don't altogether understand sibling fighting because right now, because that fight is one sided to the child who can talk.... but I'm sure they are coming.... AND I'm not so much looking forward to it. I'll take any advice or extra seditives you may have....

3 cheers for you and your family trying to walk and stay active when everything screams it's easier to stay home on the couch. :)

wendy said...

love the thong, no fair potty training himself what a good boy.