Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peyton turns 3

Peyton had his 3rd birthday on the 29th.  I woke up that morning at surprised myself by feeling really sad about it.  Since I think Peyton is our last kid, it really hit me that there are no more babies in my house.  You would think I would be happy since the last couple of years have been really difficult with the boys.  Oh well life goes on.
I made invitations online for Peyton's birthday.  They should have arrived according to their estimation by the 20th at the latest.  On the 25th I had still not received them.  I emailed the company.  They immediately responded back with "that's weird, we will check with the mail system."Next day I asked them what they found out.  I received no reply.  I couldn't get them by phone or email.  I finally took the picture they sent me to approve and printed it out.  So the invitations said proof on them.  But I covered it with a sticker.  The day before Peyton's party the mailman brought the invitations to my door.
 In case you couldn't tell by the invitations it was a Thomas the train birthday party. During  the entire party my mom, Carlene and I were pulling the kids away from the cake and train set. My mom said the party would have been just as successful if all they did was come over to eat cake.
 We played pin the 1 on Thomas.  The kids liked seeing Grandma try to play.
 We played Thomas the cake walk
 Eating cupcakes after everyone had a chance to win. BTW, cupcakes with 3 and 4 year old kids is not the best idea.
 We had a pinata..  Waylon really gave it his all!  Poor pinata

 you can't go wrong with a pinata.
 Each of the kids got to take a turn wearing the Thomas the train costume

 finally, it was time for cake.

 Peyton loved opening presents.

 This was the mess I was left with after the kids went home.

Later that night we went to Hogi Yogi with all of the grandparents to have frozen yogurt.  Peyton had a very good birthday.


PJ - Our life said...

Happy Happy Birthday PJ!! It looks like the party was a blast!

Michelle said...

Hooray for PJ! Did you ask for a refund from the invitation company? Or are you just going to let it be. Trent would take the latter route, but as for me, I tend to lean toward the obnoxious so I'd go for the refund. It sounds like the party was enormously fun and turned out really well in spite of the late arrival. Happy Birthday Big Guy.

Diana said...

Party for 3 year olds? That is a brave mama. I think I'll be waiting for a cousin/friend party until Alex is 5. Or 30.

But you did a great job. Way to bare down and do a fun thing for your, always will be, baby.


cold cocoa said...

I'm thinking about the refund too! Hope you get one.
Looks like a fun boy party. I hope you lend out the costume in case I ever do a Thomas party!

Megz said...

Can't go wrong with those party games.
Hope you recovered from the festivities.

T said...

3 is such a momentous time... soon to be followed by no more nursery!!! (that was weird for me...)

and now that the partying and Halloween are over are you planning on relaxing? Yikes!

Diana said...

I used your apricot chicken recipe last night.

Good suggestion, thanks. It was a win. :)