Saturday, January 15, 2011


 Yes, another PJ project.  And if you are sick of reading about naughty behaviors by my boys, just think about how sick I am of cleaning up.  While I was at BYU today, PJ also made cupcakes, took a bath with no supervision and flooded the bathroom (again) filled Addie's laptop with lip gloss.  Where was Landan? working on a car in our garage.  I mean it is hard enough to keep PJ out of trouble when he is being supervised...
 Addie had her first day of preteam and loved it.  She spent her whole Friday doing gymnastics.  Because being on preteam in the best ever!!
 This morning, We had our annual special Olympics unified bowling tournament.  Our team (the fantastic 4) took the Bronze medal this year.  All of the other Nebo Athletes also did well.
 So I mentioned I was at BYU today.  Addie was invited to go there and meet the gymnasts and do some fun stuff with them.  She invited her friend Ellie and the two girls had a great time.
 After it was over, I gave them a mini tour of the Richards Building, including walking underground, which is terribly exciting when you are 7.  We also went to Red Robin.  It was a fun  and busy day!


Linsey said...

Oh, PJ! Yea, for Addie. She looks like she cannot stop smiling, ever.

cold cocoa said...

Well, at least you had something yummy in your belly for when you had to go home and see reality!

How fun for Addie to be a great gymnast.

Megz said...

Remember when we took our own tour of the gymnastics room at BYU? Lucky Addie.
Just lock PJ up when you leave. For reals. Or better yet, lock him in the same room as Landan so there is some forced supervision there.

Diana said...

LOL... I feel for you and the naughty kids. Although, I've never come home to a mess like that.

Knock on wood, and no, universe, I'm not tempting you.

Good thing that PJ is so cute. And was it at least your car that was getting worked on? If not, did Landon make enough $$ to pay for the damage done? ;)

Kim said...

Looks like they had so much fun! ell is dying to try gymnastics now:) Thanks for taking them, a great memory!!

LC said...

Gymnastics was my very favorite sport growing up. Brynn is loving it too.
Addie will make a great BYU cheerleader with all those tumbling tricks.

Kelly said...

I have just been perusing the old blog here and as per usual, it did not disappoint. I particularly love all of the smiley photos of Landan.