Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what a week!! And it is only Wednesday

One week ago, we found out Landan was getting laid off from FedEx.  His last day is the 29th. We are not super happy about being unemployed again.  We decided we need to take full advantage of the last week of our health insurance.  I made an appointment for Trey to get his kindergarten shots.  Landan made an appointment for himself to stock up on his meds.  Both appointments were scheduled for monday.

 The weekend brought fun activities for Addie. She went to a princess party with her cousin Gracie at grandma patty's house.  they were pampered and primped and learned how to be princesses.
 My friend Ryan asked for Addie to be a model for him last friday for a photo shoot.  She really enjoys doing this especially since Ryan brought cupcakes and rootbeer.
 Monday rolled around and I took Trey to see the doc.  We were thrilled to hear that our boy who has always been extremely small on the charts is now average.  He endured 5 shots and didn't even flinch.  He only said " that hurt" when they were all done.  We were told that his tonsils were quite large and could be obstructing his airway and making it hard to swallow,  which totally made sense since for years he has been choking on food, holding food in his mouth and then spitting it out, gagging on things etc....  She told us to go see a specialist.  She got us an appointment for the next day.  Tuesday we went to the specialist.  the PA and the surgeon both said the tonsils should come out.  I informed them we only had insurance until friday.  So they scheduled Trey's tonsillectomy for Wednesday.
 This is before going into surgery.
 He got to play in the toy room
 after surgery, he did not want to wake up.  I thought it was kind of cruel that they kept bugging him.
 When he finally did wake up he was not happy.  He just kept crying.
He is doing much better now.  Of course they doped him up before sending him home. So time will tell... I think after three days of doctors and hospitals he is entitled to a break.  Poor kid!


Megz said...

Surely Thursday and Friday will be very boring and you'll long for more trips to the doc.
Trey looks very cute in his hospital gown.

Rachel said...

Poor, poor Trey and mom! I hope things are calm for a bit for you guys. What a trooper!

Michelle said...

What good doctors that would arrange their lives to help your family. Good luck with the job hunt. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Diana said...

Trey looks so peaceful sleeping after his surgery. Way to take advantage of your last days of insurance!

LC said...

What a week for sure. And a hard one darn it. I hope L. can find a new job soon and that Trey recovers quickly.

Harmony said...

Trey looks so cute in his hospital gown! I hope things start looking up for you guys! I was hoping 2011 was going to treat you a little better.

Linsey said...

Wow, that's a lot to pack into just a few days. We're crossing our fingers the job hunt is fruitful and ends quickly.