Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year naughtiness and other happenings

 We are now in the year 2011! Can you believe it?  I remember entering 2000 so well.  I am 100% so far on exercising.  Although it has all had to be on the treadmill.  I hate the treadmill.  I swear running 3 miles on the treadmill is worse than running 10 miles outside.  I am hoping in the next couple of days to venture outdoors again.
 New years Eve we had a slam bammin party.  It started with my kids and I playing games and then the favorite part blowing on horns and attacking each other with silly string.

 We then went up to Carlene and Kyle's house to play games.  We are quite the partiers, with our abundance of carbonated beverages and plenty of chips and dips.
 New Years Day, Addie and I went to Centerville for our social worker/friend's daughter's baptism.  We had a good time but came home to a disaster!  The boys had glued and entire notebook of paper, page by page to Addie's bedroom wall.  It took lots of scrubbing with hot water and soap to get it off.  They also broke the vacuum, tore up a loaf and bread and left all of the bits on the floor etc... and my dear sweet husband was unaware that any of that happened.

 Later that night, we had scary experience with Trey.  I don't know what caused it, but he momentarily quit breathing and fainted.  It was terrifying for me and I hope it never happens again.

Sunday, while I was taking a nice bubble bath the boys decided to do the dishes.  They put an entire bottle of dish soap in the dishwasher.  I came out of the bathroom to find our kitchen completely covered in bubbles.  I didn't think to take a picture of it until it was mostly cleaned up.  But it was very bubbly.

On to new years resolutions and predictions

  • I just hope to have a better year than 2010. 
  • go somewhere I have never been before
  • not get stressed about things I can't control
  • Find some new interests
  • Be a good mom
I predict that my boys will still be naughty this year


Michelle said...

What good little helpers you have. I wonder if our punishment for our naughtiness as children is having children of our own.

Megz said...

I've already used those naughty stories to entertain my kids (and to reinforce the idea that my own kids should NEVER EVER do stuff like that) Gimme more.

Diana said...

Did you have that very sweet but blissfully unaware husband do the scrubbing of the walls for you? :)

I think I remember doing the bubble factor to my mom's dishwasher once. I figured it's all dish soap, what's the difference? Apparently, a big difference.

Wonder what happened with Trey. Hope it's nothing big and he never does it again. I usually play it cool in emergencies, but that is given the fact that the emergencies I've had to deal with have not dealt with my children. I'm probably going to be that mother that pisses me off when I'm helping someone in an emergency that is melting down in the corner. You wonder who needs the immediate attention... the person gushing blood or in dire pain, or the mother.

Anyway.. glad he's okay. :)

LC said...

I need the weather to get warmer too..I'm getting a little stir crazy without running but until then it's yoga.
Ack! Bubbles and glue?! Here's to a great 2011!

cold cocoa said...

You do have some naughtiness at your house! I don't think i'd dare leave those boys alone- I might have to tie them up to something, with a little length on the leash to color.
I'm sure 2011 will be great!