Monday, February 14, 2011

v day

Happy Valentines Day

 I let Addie invite a few friends from her class over last week for a Valentines day party.  They made sugar cookies and then ate them at their tea party.
 After the tea party they took a plate of cookies to their second grade teacher, Mrs. Brost.
 For Valentines day, Landan got me flowers.  If you know Landan, this is a big deal.  He usually doesn't even acknowledge Valentines Day at all.  And he thinks flowers are stupid. 
 I bought the kids pillow pets for V day.  They were a big hit!! They have carried them around all day.  Addie says she can't wait to go to sleep so she can sleep on hers.  Addie named her pillow pet, Pinkypie.  So naturally Trey named his redypie and PJ's is brownypie.


Diana said...

You know, I sort of agree with Landan... flowers just die. HOWEVER, I still like getting them. :)

Those are cute lil pillow pets. And I applaud the creativity of the boys naming procedures.

Megz said...

I am so proud of Landan---it's almost like he got me flowers; that's how choked up I am about him stepping up this year.
Looks like Addie had a fun tea party and those pillow pets are bigger than the ones my girls have, btw. So I think you scored on the price.

cold cocoa said...

I saw those pillow pets at macey's at a way better price than the real pillow pets! I am kicking myself.
Anyway, looks like it has been a fun holiday at your house!

LC said...

Yeah for flowers!!! I got some too for the first time since like--engagement?
So pretty.