Saturday, February 5, 2011


Trey holding his card made by his pre-school class
Tonsillectomy recovery has been terrible!  There have been several sleepless nights due to his level of pain and then when given the Tylenol with codeine it makes him hyper.  So sleeping has been difficult.  He is sad, cranky and hurts a lot.  He also has been begging everyday for bacon.  Turns out when forced to live on Popsicles, ice cream and jello, it no longer is a treat.

On a happier topic, Landan completed his last day at FedEx on Saturday morning the 29th of January.  Monday, he went to a job interview for a diesel mechanic at Ryder.  A few hours after the interview he got a call saying that he got the job and was to start the next day.  So unemployment this time around ended up only being one day of missed work.
Another naughty PJ story:
Today, at Walmart, PJ ran away from me while at the checkout.  When he came back he had a huge bulge in the front of his pants. I said "PJ what do you have?"  He ran off.  I chased him down feeling quite embarrassed that I am trying to reach my hands down the pants of a screaming child in Walmart.  I am sure that it was quite the sight for passers by.  Anyway what I finally retrieved out of his underwear, YES, he shoved it in his underwear, was the candy bar sized pack of starbursts.  So because of the locations of the stolen treat I felt my duty was to buy the treat.  However, I wouldn't let PJ have it, which caused a whole other battle on the drive home.  He kept taking his seat belt off and trying to climb over the seat to find his candy.  After a few times of stopping the car and putting his seat belt back on I decided I had to teach him a lesson so I pulled over took him out of the car put him on the sidewalk and told him if you can't obey you have to walk home.  I got back in the car and pretended to start driving off.  He started crying great big alligator tears.  I thought maybe he had learned his lesson.  After getting him back in the car and driving for maybe 30 seconds his seat belt was off again.  I pulled over again and took him out of the car.  I was waiting for him to start crying but he didn't this time. So while I was trying to figure out what my next step was, I looked across the street and saw people glaring at me out their window.  I quickly gathered PJ up and drove off.  I am sure they thought I was terrible and going to turn me in.  I don't know what to do with this kid.  I am really considering contacting a police friend and seeing if he can scare PJ into wearing his seat belt.


Megz said...

So who gets the tainted package of starbursts? Maybe give 'em to Landan next time he 'babysits'....
Poor Trey. Maybe you can make some bacon popsicles.

cold cocoa said...

Shoot! Naughtiness. Funny about the starbursts though. Glad Landan got a new job so quickly.

Michelle said...

Congrats on the new job. Unemployment is so awful. If you rubber glove the starbursts they might be a very tasty treat while watching a favorite movie to unwind so you don't murder your kid. Just a thought.

Diana said...

Congrats on the new job! That was fast. :)

It's only the outside of the starburst that are tainted. I say they are yours to enjoy. That is an interesting (and way funnier for me than it is for you) story about PJ though... naughty, naughty boy. :) Not sure what I would have done either. Super glue the seat belt? Then he can never leave? I dunno. I seriously got nothin....

Good luck. And tell Trey to get better!

LC said...

I think you are earning a lot of supermom points in my book.
Love the policeman idea. Good to have connections like that:)

Tylenol codeine doesn't sit well with me either--makes me very sick. I'd ask the Dr. for a different pain med. There are other options. Hopefully you can all get some sleep soon.

And good news about the job.