Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had our first barbecue of the year.  We invited our neighbors the Francoms over for divine dining of steak, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Good times!

We also had our first of two Easter egg hunts.  The kids were very excited about this hunt

 Landan won the grand prize and gave it to Addie... and then took it back..... and then gave it to her again.

In other exciting news.  Trey decided to make himself a snack while Landan was watching them.  He put a roll in the microwave and set the time for who knows how long.  Landan said he notices something was wrong when his playstation time was being interrupted by smoke and smoke alarms.  The roll was actually on fire inside the microwave.  We are still working on getting the smell out of our house.  What perfect timing for the pre school to take a field trip to the fire station.  When we arrived Trey was quite disappointed because he read the words on the building.  "Mom, this isn't the fire department. This is the department of public safety building."  He then was happy to learn they were the same.  PJ got to tag along with me which was a disaster.  As soon as he saw all of the fire trucks he started screaming, "fire trucks scary"

 He screamed and cried almost the whole time.  Then they let him try on the yellow hat, which seemed to take away his fears.
 from that point forward he just wanted to be part of the class.
so he is happily posing with all of the real pre schoolers in this photo.  All is well that ends well. Right?


LC said...

Brandon did the same thing when we were first married. The yellow smoke stains never came off the microwave.
We've never put a bun in the oven since!

Megz said...

(you've had a few buns in the oven LC...lame joke, sorry.)
I am very sorry that Landan had to interrupt his game in order to deal with the fire hazard. Trey really owes him one.

Diana said...

Yet another example of how children keep ruining their parents lives and free time. :)

Can your 3 (or 4? all a sudden I'm drawing a blank) really read the words by himself

"Department of Public Safety"? Or did he just realize the absence of the word "Fire" on the building? Holy goodness if so. Those are really advanced words for his age!

Sher said...

There is never a dull -- or really quiet moment when you have kids! I'm glad only a roll burnt and that the yellow hat was magic.