Wednesday, April 27, 2011

can she really be 8?

My little girl is 8.  It seems like such a big birthday!  I feel old.  8 years ago, I was a 26.5 year old happy, very happy, mom for the first time.  She was such a cute and easy going baby.  I could take her anywhere.  She was my little sidekick and people loved her where ever we went.  We still have a lot of fun together, when we can get away from the boys and do a girls' day.  I am so happy she is my baby girl.

Addie wanted/needed a new bike for her birthday.  I went to purchase one while Addie was at dance.  I immediately saw the bike I wanted.  It said it was on sale for 49.99  Great deal for a 20' bike right?  I was going to get it and I overheard a guy tell his son the bikes were locked in so we couldn't get them down.  I was like "oh shoot"  because I noticed another lady eyeing me.  I knew she wanted this bike and it was the only one.  I stood by the bike hoping a employee would come around.  No such luck.  The woman left for a second.  I knew I had to act fast I ran down the next couple of aisles and  found a guy.  I tell him I want a bike can he help.  He said to just take it all the bike can just be taken from there.  I immediately said " oh crap!" and ran back to bikes, only to find that the woman was hauling off with the bike.  I groaned in a way to let her know I wasn't happy.  She stopped."oh you wanted this bike didn't you" I replied, yes!" she said, "sorry" and kept walking.  She then stopped turned around and said "you can have it. you were here first"  So now instead of angry I feel guilty. I find myself saying " no, you got it first, you take it.  she told me it was the only bike her daughter wanted.  I told her I couldn't pass up the great price.  In the end I took it.  I went up to pay for it and the cashier told me 80.00  I said " nuh uh!  It is on sale for 49.99"  she had someone go check.  The checker came back and said there was no sale.  Someone had just put the bike in the wrong spot.  The cashier then mocked me " like we would have a bike on sale for almost 50% off.  do you want it or not?"  I took it, feeling bad that really Addie would have been just fine with another bike and that poor woman left without her daughter's dream bike. I am still feeling bad.


Sher said...

Oh, you have to hate situations like that one and not very polite or kind check out people! Maybe the lady found that bike somewhere else too.
Addie looks great on the bike and I hope she had a super happy birthday.

cold cocoa said...

You scored the bike! Wahoo. Don't feel bad about that. The other lady probably only wanted it because you wanted it. There are shoppers like that, you know.
Happy Birthday Addie!

Diana said...

If that was her daughter's ONLY dream bike, I don't think she would've let it go so easily. I know I wouldn't have. If price was the issue and not the bike and I was feeling super guilty, I'd give the other person (you in this scenario) like 20 bucks or something so I could have it. I think she'll be fine and find a bike her daughter will love. At this age, "favorite" changes pretty regularly anyway.

And Addie's super cute on it.