Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trey's big 5

The day started with shooting hoops with his favorite brother.

and then a little Caesars pizza lunch and running through the sprinklers
Granparents came over with gifts such as this new blanket with numbers.  Awesome!
and another stop sign to add to the collection FANTASTIC
We sang happy birthday and had ice cream cake.  Delicious!

and then off to a t-ball game. 

Trey's birthday was loads of fun!  He is a wonderful little boy.  We sure love him!


Sher said...

That really did sound like a fun day and I love that picture of your two boys together. I hope Connor's birthday is a happy one tomorrow!

Diana said...

What a cute kid!! I love the simplicity and how great the kids appreciate those days for what the are. So adorable!!

LC said...

Happy Birthday to Trey!
That grass is so green, I want some!
Thanks for suggesting Summer of the Monkeys. That's what we started reading and it is exciting so far. BD said it was his favorite too.

Megz said...

It's so great that PJ gets a Birthday on Trey's day too!
Looks like a special day. Can't wait to see what the stop sign collection looks like in a few years.