Friday, June 24, 2011

adventures, adventures and more adventures

 Swim lessons started this week for Trey and Addie.  They are both doing great.  I don't think Trey will pass off his skills but the fact he is willing to get in the water and try as well as voluntarily stick his head in the water makes me very happy.  Addie is swimming quite well and enjoying every minute of it.  The biggest challenge is keeping PJ out of the water.

We are continuing to be plenty busy. Some of it fun stuff, like going with one if the Grandmas  to see "Judy  Moody and the not so bummer summer"    The kids loved it. I didn't really care for it but it was still a good time followed by going out for ice cream.

We have also had fun times playing with cousins in our backyard, having water adventures.

We also went with the Huff Clan to Lagoon.  My kids really enjoyed it.  We made it 6 hours before PJ  had a terrible temper tantrum because he wanted to take his seat belt off by himself instead of getting help from the Lagoon employee.  He did not  get over it.  So we made a quick exit you know the kind where people are trying to decide whether to call 911 because the kicking, thrashing, screaming child appears to be getting kidnapped.

Addie tried the big rides this year. She wanted to be brave like her dad and cousin Gracie.  She suffered through the rides and then joined Trey and PJ at kiddie land.  She admitted that kiddie land is still more her speed.  I didn't witness it but rumor has it, she cried hysterically on a few of the big rides.
 Trey and PJ liked the cars best

We loved the fact that Grandma and Grandpa Huff paid for everyone to get in.  So we let the kids each play one game.  They all chose the guess your weight game and were all winners. I figured they would be when we witnessed the employee guess a 5 foot nothing ultra scrawny pre-teen weighed 150.  Here they are with their prizes.

I have enjoyed all of our adventures, but I am actually looking forward to a day that isn't completely full of events.


Meghan said...

Sounds like Lagoon was fun! I am still not brave enough to take all my kids there. I think there would be too much yelling, not to mention Noah throwing up. Maybe someday. And the kids can't wait to do the water fun again so we will for sure have to do it again. Maybe we should make it a weekly thing? And I guess it doesn't have to be at your house every time :)

Diana said...

Yeah I won at the weight game once too. I think the prizes, when you buy them in super bulk like I'm sure Lagoon does, are all less than cost to play so they are not all too concerned about it. I'm pretty prone to motion sickness too so we never go to Lagoon. I should take Alex and go on the kiddie rides maybe once this year, but I know I won't go on any rides and that makes me not want to pay for my own ticket just to watch. So I live close to Lagoon, but don't care, per se. Is that like spitting on everything childhood stands for? Hmmmmmm.....

Swim lessons is happening at my house too. Alex goes first, then we have a 50 minute wait and then me and Samantha go next in the mommy and me class while Alex attempts to sit on the chair and wait for us. Having your own 3 year old(ish) child, you can imagine how that goes. The first day went so, SO badly that I took the time to figure out how to get the digital copy of Tangled on my iPhone to keep her occupied. Smooth sailing since then but I gotta say, I'm excited for the day when I can just watch all the swim lessons and not have to suit up myself. I love doing the fun parts with my girls, but getting in the pool everyday is just not my forte. Especially because swim lessons for Samantha are more like "how to survive in the water until your parent reaches you" lessons and Samantha doesn't totally get the concept of blowing bubbles and thinks I'm just about the biggest tyrant on the planet for dunking her up to her nose for 35 minutes. The positive is "swim lessons" wear Samantha out so much I usually get a killer nap out of her and if Alex doesn't cry during her lesson she gets a friend over so I'm freed from child entertainment duties for a couple hours and I can work all afternoon. Silver lining, eh?

Michelle said...

We've been to that pool for the Christensen Family Reunion. It tastes like butt, so the next year I didn't get in. I hope they cleaned it up.

stephanie said...

WOW, Michelle, I have been using that pool for years and never noticed it tasting like "butt" of course I don't try to drink the water. It is a private pool that they are nice enough to let others use. They do clean it regularly. Though, I guess they really don't have to, no one is obligated to use it.

LC said...

Cool that you had your own Lagoon Day! That place is full of fun. I love the big crazy rides and I'm surprised that my girls will go on them too. BD doesn't like spinny rides, but anything else he's up for. Darn it, we won't make it there this year, unless we get a sponsor :)

Swimming is a great life-skill. Have fun with those lessons!!

Megz said...

I love that Addie tried to suck it up for everyone else and endure the scary rides.

Sher said...

Do you keep this busy every summer? It's good to have adventures and I can see why you might be looking forward to a less adventureous day at home. Way for Addie to be brave and then admit she'd prefer the less scary rides.