Sunday, June 5, 2011

my little queen

 Last night was the Little miss/jr miss Santaquin Pageant.  of course Addie wanted to be in it.  She thinks pageants are about the best thing ever!  We have been doing pageant stuff for about two weeks.  It started last week with the service project of making blankets for those in need.  This past week was full of learning the production number and learning how to walk and answer questions.

So last night, Addie was all sorts of prepared.  She gave it her all.  That is one thing I have learned about this girl, is no matter how she acts before the event, once she is on stage she is going to sparkle and shine.  She loves an audience.

.This picture was what she used for miss photogenic she did not win in this category but I think she is beautiful.

This was their production number outfit.  The little and junior miss uses the same theme as Miss Santaquin.  So it was New York New York.  Addie did an awesome job.  She was all smiles and pointed toes.

I was kind of mad at myself for not being prepared to take her picture when they announced she won.  So it was just pictures out in the hall and outside after the pageant
 Addie with one of her Grandmas and her cousin Chad.  She was so lucky to have three Grandmas and two grandpas as well as several Aunts and cousins come to support her.  It is so nice to have family support.  Her dad and brothers even came this time.

This is her second time running and second time being queen.  I asked her if she was ready to retire from the pageant world, her response was " ya right mom like that is going to happen"  I guess I will just have to accept my role as pageant mom.


Megz said...

Like mother, like daughter.....
I guess I would have been surprised if she'd lost since she is such a pageant junky. Can't wait for all future pageants when you might actually have to start forking out real dough for this passion!

LC said...

That is GREAT!! and what a wonderful confidence-building experience for Addie.
My girls will be thrilled to find out we are related to a pageant queen.

Diana said...

Congratulations! I'm so pumped that I get to watch Miss Santaquin, Miss Utah, and Miss America grow up. ;)

cold cocoa said...

How fun! She is such a natural. Congratulations Addie!

Sher said...

I loved the picture of Addie sparkling in blue. I'm glad she enjoys herself and does so well. Congratulations to Addie.

Linsey said...

YEA Addie! How fun! I was reading some other back posts and saw the picture of Lauren Burton. She is Kenny's first cousin, random, I know, but I thought I would point that out anyway.

Looks like you guys have been busy. Have a great summer!