Thursday, July 14, 2011

the latest and greatest

 for the 4th we went to the mt. Pleasant parade.  It was great! lots of candy but I think there needs to be some better enforced rules.  I swear there were many children nearly run over because they ran clear out into the road.

 Trey had his 5 year pictures taken.  He is one handsome dude

 This is my fave of the two boys
 PJ was as usual the trouble maker
 Addie and cousins who take dance at the same studio got their picture taken together.  These are some of my favorites.

July has been calmer than June.  However, with the eased up schedule I have found myself having little motivation to do anything. I did enjoy going to dinner with friends last week.  I am also excited to go to St. George this weekend with Mom and sisters.  Hopefully aftere a weekend of a little R and R, I will be ready to go full steam again.


LC said...

Wow. I love all the photos. My favorites are the close up of Trey (so good-lookin') the two boys in their orange (priceless) and the girls' fluttering tutus in the meadow.(totally adorable)

Diana said...

I LOVE those pics! How adorable are those dance pictures and the one with Trey and PJ?

I like the ones of Trey by the columns. Were you at the Payson park by chance?