Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where did June go?

Addie and I went to camp Jeremiah Johnson this week.  She had a lot of fun Shooting guns, archery, crafting, and so on...

She made me nervous with her gun.  She kept swinging it around.

 unfortunately, Addie takes after me in the craft department.  She couldn't catch on.  I tried to help her because she started crying.  However, I didn't catch on either.  Addie had the funniest looking bracelet there.  When the boy scout who was assisting us asked if Addie did it by herself. She replied " no my mom did it"  He was very alarmed by this and questioned " your mom did it?  well okay then.."  Needless to say,  I was quite embarrassed.   Making things will never be a talent of mine.
 Trey and Addie finished swimming lessons.  Addie will be moving on to the next level. Trey Passed 2 of 5 skills.  I am proud of them both for the progress they made.

 Later that day, we celebrated their hard work by going to the pool again but this time to play.
 We had our first round of fireworks with our neighbors.  PJ was excited
Friday we went to see cars 2.  I wasn't too impressed. We should have waited for Red Box.

 Today we are headed to an extended DeGraffenried reunion. 


LC said...

I didn't think Cars 2 was all that great either. It's like Finding Nemo where the last 1/2 hour you just want Nemo to find his Dad and go home already. In Cars 2 you just want McQueen to finish the race so we can all go home and be done already.

Hey, that camp looks like a great time!!!
Crafts can be frustrating. I envision it perfectly but my hands just don't follow through. aargh.

Sher said...

I didn't know girls got to go to that camp. I've been with cub scouts. It sounds fun. There are no requirements in life that we must be good at crafts right? It sounds like a busy, but fun June.

Megz said...

You ought to be ashamed of yourself making Addie wear a craft you tried to make! Don't you know you could have swiped one from another day camper when they weren't looking? That's what I did in 2nd grade when my Christmas craft went all ugly because I messed up with the glue gun...I just 'borrowed' a nicer one from another girl in class (you'd know her name, btw)
And remind me to not go hunting with Addie.
Fun time!

cold cocoa said...

It all looks super fun summery to me! That camp does look fun. I want to shoot stuff.

Diana said...

I heard the same thing about Cars 2. Tyson liked it okay but told me it wasn't geared toward kids and didn't really have much to do with Lightning. He took the kids so I could work for a couple hours. Maybe I'll redbox it. :)

My girls finished swim lessons too! I was, too, proud of their individual progress.

It matters not whether you can craft or not, but that you tried. And maybe you should save it so you could show your grandkids the trends of earlier days.... ;)