Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mom and daughter road trip

 the girls' trip was fun!  We shopped and ate lots of good food at good places plus multiple snacks and beverages in between meals.  Needless to say, we were well fed.  We watched DVD's from RedBox, read, did some sleeping,  I went running on a trail in Hurricane behind the vacation home.
 We went to see Grease and Tuacahn.  I liked it.
 of course, we had to stop at the temple in our matching shirts we buy every year at Tuacahn.
 My mom loves to just drive.  I don't share her enthusiasm for such things.  this is her in front of Sand Hollow.
and of course I had to bring treasures home for the kids.  I tried to make them somewhat practical.  Trey's was road sign bedding.  PJ got pj's for his upcoming surgery in the morning.  Addie got her Justin Bieber backpack for back to school.

Our most funny thing of the trip was when we thought we were calling the Olive Garden to make reservations.  It ended up being an hard of hearing elderly man named Fern Olive.  (Listed right above the olive garden in the phone book.)  anyway we tried to make reservations for 5 and he being a kind old man said " Oh sure Ma almost has supper ready.  So are you going to just swing by?"  We then realized our mistake and thanked him for his generosity but told him we were trying to reach the Olive Garden.  Good Times!


LC said...

So funny!
What a fun time for you gals. Hope you came back feeling recharged.

cold cocoa said...

That does look like a fun time. It all sounds heavenly to me!

Megz said...

I think dinner at Fern's might be a little more interesting than dinner at The Olive Garden. Maybe his wife makes great breadsticks too?
Looks like fun times.

Diana said...

That is so funny! We need more Fern Olive's in the world.

We're going to Grease in October. I'm excited. :)

Sher said...

That did sound like a fun trip. I'm glad you had some fun times and even got yourself invited to the Olives for dinner.

Meghan said...

I love the big cheesy grins on your kids faces!