Sunday, January 1, 2012


Christmas Eve, we have the tradition of eating German pancakes and bacon.  We also open their new pajamas in the morning because we have parties until late at night and usually at least one of my kids is a sleep before we get home.  They also wear them all day.  Right now they love it.  I am sure there will be a point when they don't want to wear them all day and everywhere we go.

 They are some pretty darn cute kids.

 After breakfast we went to see "the Muppets"  I thought it was too long, but kind of funny at times.
 We went to two parties.  The DeGraffenried and the Grandma Patty party.  They were both fun!  The kids were pretty tired and ready to go to sleep so Santa could come.  Christmas morning, the kids opened their presents left under the tree.  Once they were done I told them that Santa's biggest surprises they had to find.

 Trey found his in his bedroom.  The Arcade hoops.  He also got the orange cones you see by his bed.  He has already issues  citations to all have crossed the cones.

 Everyone is enjoying the basketball game. 
 PJ found his surprise in the toy room that said "PJ's mechanic shop"  He got this car that can be completely taken apart and then rebuilt.  He has already changed multiple tires, changed oil, rebuilt transmissions etc...

 Trey is also loving the car
 The kids got a cash register for their gas station.  They always play gas station in the little area under the stairs.  They pull up to the window in the little car and order diet cokes. 
 Addie's big surprise, the number one thing on her list was an orbeez foot spa.  I have to admit is pretty cool.  She loves it! Christmas day, all the grandmas, myself and Pj got foot massages from Addie.
 Addie was also thrilled to get a Justin Bieber shirt and leopard print purse.
 She also got Just Dance 3, We Cheer 2, and Sing it
and a new church dress...  We had a great Christmas!!


Effie said...

Cool car! and my favorite part is the gas station and diet cokes. That's so awesome.

cold cocoa said...

Very fun Christmas! I want a foot massage now- looks so relaxing. Shooting hoops also looks like a lot of fun.

Megz said...

Looks like everyone should have been happy for hours at least! I wanted to see a picture of Lando on his spin bike though.

Diana said...

I absolutely loved the gas station and the diet cokes. I'm not sure where those kiddoes would come up with such a thing! What imaginations! ;)

Scrooge: 0

Harmony said...

Looks like Pj was ok with not getting a skateboard. :) That car thing is cool and perfect for him!

Sher said...

That looked like a super fun Christmas. Santa sure is nice!