Thursday, January 19, 2012


 We started the new year out with an awesome party!  which meant, I played with the kids while Landan watched the Jazz game and then I sent them to bed at 9 p.m.  They didn't know any better.
 PJ had  a field trip to the fire station.  The was a big deal because PJ is afraid of fire trucks.  He cried twice but other than that, he did great!!

 his cute little class

 My boys are really into playing in their band " the Utah Rocking Utes"  they recently competed in a  rock competition in my kitchen.  They were awesome!!  Thankfully, they were in the only participants.

 Trey went to the dentist.  He was the best kid ever!  I was so proud of him.  He actually fell asleep in the chair.  He had to get a mini root canal.  They gave him some amoxicillin in case his tooth got infected.  He took it and we soon found out he was allergic to it. He vomited several times, had breathing issues and broke out in big welts all over his body.  I hope this doesn't ruin future dentist visits.
Just going through my pictures.. It is hard to remember Addie this small!  What a cutie


Megz said...

That is the cutest picture of Addie. And I think our kids rang in New Years at the same time yours did.

Sher said...

I too loved the picture of Addie, but then I enjoyed the whole post except that I felt really, really sorry for Trey and his Mom. That sounds like a most miserable dentist trip. Our New Years Eve was so normal we can't remember what we did. Way to have a bit of a party to make it fun for the kids.

Diana said...

Since I saw the new year myself for the first time in about 10 years, my girls also got that adventure. Although they saw that "Adventure" more as an excuse to whine and be ornery the next day. I'm sure the two are not correlated.

Addie, hello? Did you not explicitly tell her to stop growing up so fast? What a cutie!

And YES, YES! I totally missed you. However, I have realized from past experiences, that people have a life aside from reading my blog (I know, what??) and if you ask them where they went, sometimes they think you are self involved. And I am.... but far be it for me to encourage others to believe that.

LC said...

Oh, I love that picture!
Too bad about those meds. Other than that it looks like Jan. has been rockin' at your house.

Lacee DeG said...

Cute Miss Addie! Always a party at the Huff's!