Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Official!! Hip hip Hooray!! Three cheers for Pey-Pey

Look at this good looking group of people who came to court with us. We appreciate the support.
Peyton, the man of the hour! Isn't he handsome? Don't you just want to kiss those chubby little cheeks?

Do we look relieved? After a stressful 30 minutes in court, the Judge declared Peyton John Huff legally adopted.

Peyton got a good snuggle in with Judge Laycock.

After leaving the court room, We dined at IHOP


The Jensens said...

Wow that was a fast post!! Thanks for letting me come. Wish I could be in the temple too- I am so glad that Peyton is finally officially yours! I was kind of nervous in court, but in the end it turned out alright-

Denise said...

Oh Congratulations! I am so so Happy for both of you. We may be heading down the adoption road sometime soon so I may be asking you a few questions. If you don't mind that is! :)

Peyton is ADORABLE!

Megz said...

Congrats to being legal Peyby! (That's a great nickname I just came up with!)
That picture of Peyton in the chair looked a little like a future lawyer in the family.

DeGraffenried's said...

Congrats Peyton! I know it has been a long time coming!! I'm glad everything went well!

Allison said...

AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I am so happy for your family!!!