Friday, October 10, 2008

makes perfect a five year old

Ask Addie
easy answers to lifes hard questions preface: Addie, Mackley and Luke are all cousins the same age. Addie and Mackley started kindergarten this year. J and H decided to keep Luke back a year.
story: Addie asked me why Luke wasn't in kindergarten with them. I explained to her that J and H were going to have him start next year. She responded "J and H really shouldn't have done that now me and Mackley will always be taller than him."


Megz said...

Maybe if you skip Addie a year she'll be even TALLER. Funny how kids equate age and heighth. That's why they know Uncle Devin is the oldest uncle---because he's the tallest.

DeGraffenried's said...

Too funny! She always has the best answers!

Heather said...

So according to Addie, I should be taller than Adam right - since I AM older than him. LOL!

Your blog is cute. I LOVE that picture of Peyton with the glasses and the HUGE lips.

Kelly said...

I wonder if she could give me advice on finances.