Friday, October 24, 2008

Tagged by harmony on my quirks

Ok Harmony, only for you do I write my quirks

#1 I hate when people don't say the T sound in the middle of words such as, mountain, button etc...

#2 I love ketchup and use it for more than just fries. I put ketchup on baked potatoes, chicken, burritos, eggs, steak......

#3 I hate to do anything trendy. It took me 5 years after it was hot to read the Da Vinci code to read it myself, because I refused to read it when everyone was telling me to. I also refuse to get into the the twilight series for that same reason.
I am angry with myself when I give into the trendy things and actually enjoy them such as blogging and facebook.

#4 I don't like to sit for very long. I get really antsy pantsy! Sometimes I feel my kids do better at church than I do.

#5 I am a hypocrite as a mother. Almost everything I said I would never do I have done. Like enter my kids in baby contests.

#6 I can't keep my mouth shut when I disagree with someone. I feel it is better to talk about your disagreements than pretend you feel the same way. I don't try to be rude about it though. In fact, after I have run my mouth about how I feel, I spend a great deal of time wondering if I made someone feel bad.

#7 I can't totally relax without my pajama pants and a diet coke.

I tag any of my blogger friends who think they want to do this


cold cocoa said...

I didn't know we were both ketchup fanatics!? My family always makes fun of me...I have to bring my own bottle of ketchup to Mexican restaurants. Sweetens it up!

I also have to tell people when I disagree or it damages the relationship. I try to hold it in, but then I can't stop thinking about it....but then I too (when I feel all better from spoutin' my honesty!) wonder if I went too far with it. OH well...I believe in openness and honesty and want the same from others! Bring on the debate!

hot garlic said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! That was sweet of you to let me know and I'm glad someone is entertained by it! CUTE kids!

Diana said...

Amen on the trendy things. I just recently started wearing capris... and that's only because I couldn't wear shorts that were cute anymore. good for you. :)

The Jensens said...

You forgot to out that you put ketchup on your ketchup!