Friday, November 7, 2008

Picky Peyton

Mr McPeyton is picky, picky picky!!!! You wouldn't know it by his fat boy stature, but he refuses to eat most everything I give him. He went on a cheetos diet a few weeks ago. Followed by an all waffles diet. Now I can't get him to eat anything at all. At least he loves milk and juice still. Landan says not to worry, he has enough reserves to last a long time.
So those of you who have picky eaters, share your secrets PLEASE!!!!!


The Jensens said...

Kelton is so so picky, but I have found no secrets thus far....except to always offer food, and he will eat when he wants. Thats what Dr. Dayton told me. Sorry thats all I got-

Megz said...

I wouldn't worry until you start seeing his ribs. But feeding them whatever they want seems to backfire for me because then it seems harder to get them back on to healthier foods. And Dr. Paxton said to not let them graze because that ruins any chance for eating meals at a meal that leaves you right where you started right?
Maybe we should just hook kids up to an IV until they are old enough to make their own responsible eating choices. I guess that means we'd still be on an IV though, so never mind!

cold cocoa said...

I see it all as a phase...and as long as they don't only want MY treats then it's okay if they keep chowin' down candy. Usually they'll balance out later with a carrot addiction. (ok, kind of extreme, but there's always hope)

Effie said...

Hey! A good friend of mine introduced me to the world of toothpicks which I'm sure is really quite dangerous, but it helps me get lots of food into Ava that I wouldn't otherwise be able to. For some reason the food tastes much better if she can poke it with a stick. Your little guy is probably too young for that though.