Saturday, November 8, 2008

saturday is a special day

Addie and I had a girls day! We went to High School Musical 3 and to a Christmas craft fair. The flower in her hair was our purchase at the fair. We then went to Family Dollar and purchased new PJ's for the boys.
The kind with feet because their room is the coldest one in the house.

Aren't they sweet?

Addie at the movies with her kids meal. She said her favorite part of the movie was the whole thing.


Effie said...

Footed PJs are the best! Do they make them in my size?!

Allison said...

So dang cute!!!

PJ - Our life said...

Was the movie good? We went and saw Beverly Hills Chauaua (spelled wrong).

The Jensens said...

Cute- I swear I have the cutest niece and nephews ever!!!

Evans Family said...

Hi Cousin!
I just found your blog. This is a fun way to be able to see pictures and read about your cute family (except Landon). Kristine told me that we are also facebook friends and relatives or something... Pretty cool.

Megz said...

That popcorn actually looks good.
I still can't believe how many little girls love HSM. Maybe there should be an Elementary School Musical....I'll give Disney a call.

Marissa said...

I'm glad you found my blog so I could see yours.
I agree, I learn a lot more about my cousins through the computer than I do by living in the same city with them for my whole life.
Your kids are so cute. I'm excited to get to know your family better this way.

cold cocoa said...

Was it a good movie? I am excited to take my girls to it. Nothing beats good treats and the big screen. Have you seen Kit Kittredge? Addie would probably like that, too. It's out on video.