Monday, November 17, 2008

St George

Carlene and I take our children twice a year to St. George. We always have fun, but with five children 5 and under, it sometimes is chaos. Everyone bathing together after the trip to the sand dunes. Check out Hallie's face.
This is me after Carlene saw a mouse. I didn't move from the couch for several hours.
Addie and Hallie had a lot of fun! They didn't want to leave, but they lost the battle to three crying boys.

Peyton loved the sand for about 20 minutes.

Trey in the zone. He wouldn't pose for the picture. He just said "cheese" while digging away

Peyton taking some steps. What a big boy! He is proud of himself.
I didn't take pictures of Carlene puking on the side of the road. I was pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate it. Although, it made our trip more eventful.


The Jensens said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I would have slept outside if I saw a mouse. Peyton looks so cute in that picture where he is walking.

PJ - Our life said...

Good times!! When I took my cheerleaders down there one year and stayed at the house we found a baby trianchula inside!!

Megz said...

I had to laugh at your family picture at the temple because there is a definite gender divide in who is smiling.
Way to be economical with 5 kids in a tub.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Love the pics. The kids are ADORABLE!

Denise said...

So Cute! I LOVE al of the pics. If I saw a mouse I would have doen that too. But most likely on the kitchen table. haha