Thursday, August 27, 2009

finally feeling good about changes

After much thought, I decided to go with a new dance studio. Addie started last week in the studio's mini company. The next day she was moved up a level, which means she will be going two days a week instead of one. She loves it though and I feel good about the change. I think she will do well in this new class.
I also decided to keep her in gymnastics. I know there will come a day when she has to choose between the two but for now she is making great progress in both and loves it!


cold cocoa said...

Wow- good dance poses Addie! I'm glad you're feeling good about it all. Should be fun to see where it all goes!

Megz said...

Making the final decision was most of the battle, right? So sit back and enjoy the ride and pray that you have not messed up her God-given talents by not putting her in karate and voice lessons.

Diana said...

It's a shame that kids are more and more forced to choose one thing rather than being involved in one thing... I know some kids that really love everything they are involved in and it's hard to choose.

That being said... as a person highly involved in competitive team sports growing up and being a coach after that, it was annoying having kids that never were taught what it means to commit to something.

Addie looks awesome in those photos. She'll probably be one of those kids that has a hard time choosing. :)

Lacee DeG said...

Go Addie! Glad she's happy and busy.

Jill said...

what a cutie! she has your mad skillz.