Monday, August 31, 2009

family staycay number 2

Landan came home Wednesday night and said we were going on our family staycation that weekend. He told me to book a hotel ASAP. I got online found a good hotel with a nice price and was about ready to book when Landan decided he didn't want to stay in a hotel. he would rather travel back and forth. Addie was the one he had to convince and after much bribery, he won.
Friday night, we went to the carnival in santaquin. Trey took a long time to warm up but finally decided the ferris wheel was acceptable to ride on. But only with Grandma Carla. As you can see by his face,he was scared. However, after he survived that, he loved the carnival and cried when it as time to leave.
Saturday we went to the zoo. The kids had a great time

Trey insisted that the rhinos were elephants and we couldn't convince him otherwise.

We loved the bears. they were actually out and active

The children's museum was great fun! I wish it wasn't so pricey because my kids loved it.

We only experienced two major tantrums. One excellent tantrum from each boy. Peyton's tantrum was so wild that he had my shirt at one point up to my shoulders and I couldn't get it back down. Cheap entertainment for the children's museum employees. All in all, it was good times. Maybe next year we can venture out of Utah.


Diana said...

LOL at the tantrums!

After my last post, I find great comfort in those parents that get the same deal of crap from their kids as I do from mine.

Looks like fun!

Megz said...

I can't imagine why Landan wouldn't want to pay to sleep in a hotel room with three little kids. Hopefully Addie drove a hard bargain and is getting a trip to the swimming pool sometime soon!

PJ - Our life said...

Looks like another great staycation!! Landon looked so happy to be at the zoo!!!

Lacee DeG said...

GIANT slide?!!!! Can't get better than that!