Tuesday, August 4, 2009

just some random pics and sayings from my children

Little tidbits about my kids that I want to remember but others may not care about. My three kids watching the train from our front door
My six year old. I am amazed at the thing she knows and shocked by the things she doesn't know. Trying to explain ethnicity to Addie is very difficult. She can't figure out why she is brown but not a Mexican. she then decided it must be because Mexicans talk funny.AKA speaking espanol. One day she asked me if a friend of hers was black like she is, I told her no She is Mexican. Her reply was " No she is not, Mom! she talks like me" She is still working on getting this one sorted out.

Trey is still a confusion to me. He is still not potty trained, But can identify numbers like 100 and 550 and so on.. He knows all of the letters and sounds, his shapes and colors. His communication skills are getting better every day. He recently told me when I was singing to "stop it! Your singing is benoying" he still has major temper tantrums although they are getting less frequent. As his mother, I have found him to be the most frustrating child and the funniest. Peyton loves attention! He, like his older sister, loves the camera. He also likes to annoy Trey. He knows all of the right buttons to push.

Peyton is into dressing up. He loves putting on anything he can find around the house. Yesterday he decided to dress in Addie's mermaid costume. I thought it was too funny with his big belly hanging out.

Peyton doesn't say many words yet but he lets us know what he wants or how he feels. He knows he is the baby and thinks my lap belongs to him. If anyone else sits on my lap he gets crazy with rage.

Boys are so silly. Trey and Maddux had a burp off at the dinner table. It started with Trey actually burping and Maddux thinking it was hilarious. They spent the next ten minutes seeing who could do the best fake burp, which of course was followed by a lot of giggling. I love boys!


Lacee DeG said...

You are so on the ball! Thanks for taking such good care of Maddux! Looks like Peyton's Halloween costume has already been decided! Just paint his belly to be a 6-pack. Mer-man, always a classic!!

Megz said...

Cute pictures. It's fun to see what kids can do with free reign of the dress up clothes. Our Hannah Montanta wig gets a lot of mileage.
Maybe Addie can be a Mexican with a really dark tan and great accent? It is interesting to hear her confusion. Things I wouldn't even think about!