Sunday, November 15, 2009

girls on vacation

We went on our semi -annual girls' trip this weekend. We had so much fun! Addie and Hallie made friends with these lovely rats. The rats, being very appreciative of their friendship left them treasures by their bed. No, not rat poop. They gave them coloring books and crayons to help them settle down at night.
We went to Pirate Island pizza. That was really fun

We went to see the Christmas Carol in 3D. Hallie and Addie thought it was scary. Lydia was great.

We went by the temple and looked at the Nativity. Hallie and Addie are pretending to be wise men.

On the way home, the girls decided to see if their 3D glasses would work for watching a movie in the car.
Once again, we had a great time! Landan did a great job at home with the boys. He even cleaned and did laundry.


Megz said...

Good for Landan! I always knew there was some domestic goddess in him.
We have that pirate restaurant, 3D movies and temples here--but no rats that leave gifts so it was worth the drive!

cold cocoa said...

How fun- I guess St. George maybe is the first in Utah to have their nativity up? I hope the weather was warm for you guys!

Michelle said...

I am a champion of all girls weekends. Men get all boys activities at least weekly. I love it when we get a little break for our daily life. Sounds like it was a blast and very worth the trouble it took to arrange.

Diana said...

I having just recently had a run-in with the very first rodent in my house (you don't contribute to the family, food bill or heating??? GET OUT, or pay with your life.) was not so understanding of the pet rat. UGH. But at least they left them prizes. Now that is something.

I'm so impressed with Landan. Unless you have all pink socks and crusties on your plates now. ;) But even then, it's the thought, right?

PS...You are reading my mind (maybe it's because I blab so much it's easy to read my thoughts) but you are right on target with the Samantha/Sam -- Alexandra/Alex naming thing. Am I really that transparent? Uh, don't answer that.

LC said...

How fun! Was it hard to come back to the cold?