Saturday, November 7, 2009

weekend review

A couple of days ago, I ran over this beautiful creature in my driveway, while coming home from taking Addie to school. I wasn't 100% positive it was dead, So I took the picture and then ran for my life.
I am so extremely proud of this preschool picture of Trey. Why? because he looks like he is cooperating!! That is huge for Trey! Plus, he looks incredibly handsome. Other funny Treyisms for the week. Trey has narrowed down his costume choices for Halloween next year to either the letter Y or X or the number 56 or 32. When I asked him what he wanted from Santa he replied "fruit snacks and chocolate milk" at least he won't be hard to please. On the other hand, Addie only wants her own computer, uneven bars, wii, dollhouse,digital camera, beauty salon and makeup. If she only gets these items she will be completely happy. I guess we are going to have a sad Christmas.


Linsey said...

Fruit snacks and chocolate, sounds good enough to me. Good luck with Addie's "short" list.

Michelle said...

My kids sit in front of the TV on Sat. mornings with pen and paper to write down all the items they must have because the commercials told them they have to have them. I don't like this new habit. Good thing I have two who can't write yet.

cold cocoa said...

Wait- what is that a picture of?? Do we have rattlers in Santaquin?

Well, you have plenty of time to convince her to scale down her list, right? And then make sure that list doesn't change until Christmas!

Megz said...

That is a nice picture of Trey.
Ike wants a box of plums for Christmas---edible gifts sound much nicer than their expensive, electronic counterparts.

Diana said...

Can't deal with snakes. Or mice. Good for you killing the sucker. My skin just crawled for you.

Addie cracks me up... and then made me seriously reconsider my stance on having lots of girls... I was going to spoil Alex with a powerwheels thing for Santa to bring to her, but maybe I should put that off and invest in a high-yield saving account instead. Heaven help my checkbook in about 2 years.... and yours henceforth. :)

LC said...

Glad your Dad won!
I don't blame your for running for your life from that snake, dead or not. Eeek!
Kate has a similar Christmas list. Is it a first child thing?