Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am always getting older

yep, I am officially 33! How does this happen? I swear I just posted about #32. Highlights from the birthday include going out with my mom and dad to Texas Roadhouse. My new digital camera also purchased by the parents, Landan's attempt at making cheesecake, my new Pedometer/heart rate/chronograph watch from Steve and Ellen and the numerous art work that Addie gave me. I also got enough diet coke to keep me in business for a while. I can't complain.


Diana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Dude, has it been a year since that last post? Is it just me, or do birthdays come a lot faster than when we were say 6-16? I believe the year between 15 and 16 was just about equivalent to the last 10 years. I remember your last birthday you got diet coke -- a punch card or something. (I really listen when I read, not just hear ;)) I believe you may be in need for an intervention. Just sayin.... ;)

Happy Birthday!! Hope your kids only threw the absolutely necessary tantrums that day.

And my b-day is in like 3 weeks and I requested Texas Roadhouse too. It's starting to be creepy weird how much you and I are alike. You may want to seek out therapy about now.

Megz said...

Many wishes your way.
That plastic surgery really paid off because you look way younger than your actual age.

cold cocoa said...

Well, don't leave me in was the cheesecake made by Landan??

Michelle said...

The young side of thirty is fabulous. You are taken seriously as a person, not disregarded as a young whipper snapper. You are given real responsibilities at church and not R.S. flier passer outer (yes that was once my calling). Congrats on the birthday and I hope your year is fantastic.

LC said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like you got some sweet gifts!