Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another week of stuff

This week we went to the living planet aquarium. Addie and Peyton loved it. Trey hated it. Addie and Peyton couldn't get enough of petting the sting rays. Peyton would have jumped in with them if our eyeballs weren't solidly planted on him.
Addie got her hair straightened. She loves it. She told me yesterday, " Mom, I can't stop going in the bathroom to stare at my hair. It is so pretty!"
Peyton has decided he enjoys wearing dresses, jewelry, pink coats,high heels etc... Landan is quite concerned. Addie with the stingray

Addie's hair

Peyton trying to dive in

This is what Trey's face looked like the whole time

Peyton in his feminine attire. The pouty face is because the boys (trey and two neighbor boys) kicked him off the trampoline. I guess no girls were allowed. Poor kid


Megz said...

haha to the 'no girls allowed' comment. That's very generous of Addie to share her dresses with him.
I'm still waiting for Landan's big cheeser smile to show up in your pictures. I know he has it in him.

Diana said...

Oh that is such a pretty dress!

Did you like the aquarium? We took Alex a couple weeks ago as a last minute family trip. She loved the Nemo fish but didn't really like the rest of it. We made pretty good time through it. I thought it was alright but probably won't go back anytime real soon. I thought it was pretty expensive and not as big as I had hoped. I may have had a different opinion totally though if Alexandra would've embraced it so.... ya know.

Addie's hair IS pretty! My hair is such that straight is all I've known. I had a perm once.... during the childhood years where looks are "iffy" anyway. Not a good look for me.

LC said...

Cute hair!
we've been wanting to hit the aquarium. I have this childhood fear of stingrays--maybe from watching nature shows. I should have some closure and go pet them:)