Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Our Trip to California was fun! It wasn't as warm as I had hoped. But we all still had a good time. It started Friday morning at 5:30 am when we left for the airport. I threw up in the process of landing. Everyone around me enjoyed the entertainment. The good news is 1 hour and 20 minutes after leaving SLC we were in Los Angeles. We rode in this fancy limo from the Airport to our hotel. We were checked in by 10:30 and had the whole day to spend at Disneyland. Thanks to Kristine being special needs, we didn't have to wait in lines. We never waited longer than 5 minutes for any ride. It was so so nice.
Addie and Kristine couldn't wait to get on the teacups.

We all got pretty wet on splash mountain. My mom was drenched. Poor lady didn't know that the front of the boat is worst place to sit.

This is Addie and I in our Hotel room. We won't stay in this one again. They got our room requests wrong and the service was horrible. They didn't even clean our room the first night and they left my Parents' room door wide open after cleaning it.

Addie was so excited to meet Princess Tiana. She also was able to see Ariel and Cinderella.

Addie had the best form of transportation around Disneyland.

So happy to see Mickey Mouse.

It rained for hours on Saturday.

Sunday we went to three beaches, Huntington, Newport and Laguna.

Landan and Addie had a blast in the water

Addie was trying to get a tan hee hee

I played Baywatch I run really well in slow motion.

Laguna beach was by far the prettiest beach of the three. I would like to go there again.

We dined at ESPN Zone, Cheesecake factory and Bubba gumps. We had a great trip. I missed my boys but now I need to go back because they have been awful since I have been home.


Megz said...

Priceless picture of your dad in the rain....
Totally think you just had an accident from over-excitement---but I'll go along with your 'just went on Splash Mountain' excuse.
I'd pay for the video footage of your Baywatch run...
Did I miss anything? Love the update!

Lacee DeG said...

So FUN!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time..I agree with Megan...Jim..rain..Disneyland...Buckets of FUN!

cold cocoa said...

Vacations are always good, but sometimes it is so hard to get back to real life! Looks like a good time, though.

Harmony said...

Glad that you guys had fun. I guess we took all the warm weather while we were there. lol. Your boys looked SO handsome in the clothes my mom bought for them.

Diana said...

SURE... that was all splash mountains doing. I think you were so excited you peed. ;)

I feel your pain on the return to bad child. Saturday was awesome but everytime I go to leave Alex throws a FIT. And then the whining she does to get her way that I took 5 days away from seems to be like a dancer stuck trolloping all over my last nerve. But heaven help me, I can still go from uber annoyed to my daughter is the awesomest in about 2 seconds.


Glad you had a fun Trip!

LC said...

That is traveling in style for sure!--Way to keep it real with the throw-up.
Love the jumping in the waves photo.

Kirsten said...

Laguna was my favorite beach! It was so beautiful! We also ate at bubba gumps and cheesecake factory! Yummy! Glad you had fun! Sounds about like our vacation but we had little boys and no limo! :)