Monday, March 15, 2010

and the winner is.................

So Miss Payson is over for another year. This was my 7th year doing the choreography for miss payson. I really like watching the whole pageant process. The girls had such wonderful personalities this year. They were just a bunch of great girlies.
So here we are, Carlene and I waiting anxiously to see who won.... will it be

Addie's favorite contestant?.................. No, unfortunately not..

It was Jaime Stanton. She did a great job and will be a good representative for the Miss Utah pageant. Addie quickly changed her favorite girl to Jaime after the announcing of the royalty.

Unbeknownst to me Addie also invited her friends to a tea party at our house. I last minute winged it. They had a great time and it was pretty cheap entertainment. She just better not try that again. It totally reminded me of the time I did that to my mom for my 6th birthday. A whole bunch of guests arrived at my house for a birthday party. I guess you could say it was a surprise party. But it was my mom who was surprised.

Peyton in his new church attire purchased by Grandma Patty. Peyton is definitely the fashion conscious boy. He insisted on wearing the tie. On the other hand, when Trey saw me get out the church clothes, he grabbed his neck and said " I will not wear a tie!! Don't even think about it!"

Peyton also insisted on wearing my bracelet and Addie's sunglasses to church. Well that is the weekend update. I hope everyone has a great new week with stinky daylight savings.


Megz said...

Another year down. If you keep at it, you can choreograph Addie's Miss Payson dance.
Most of my boys are with Trey. Their dad makes them wear ties and I feel for them.

Effie said...

haha! I love the surprise party. :)

Diana said...

AND I loathe Daylight Savings. No wait, I loathe losing sleep. I wish we were on Daylight Savings indefinitely.

The End.

Harmony said...

ha ha!! Your boys crack me up!! Maybe your mom said the famous threat of I hope you have a child just like you some day... Addie is such a funny girl, and what a good sport you are for doing the tea party.

LC said...

Love the surprise party! and so cool that you have choreography skillzzz.