Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday, Carlene and I took Trey and Waylon on a boys trip to St. George. We had a lot of fun and Trey and Waylon were great! A picture of them in their bedroom when they were supposed to be sleeping.
We went to the dinosaur museum. Trey was not a fan but Waylon liked it.

We went to Pirate Island Pizza

the boys loved the sand dunes

Thy fell asleep on the drive from the sand dunes to the water park.

Luckily the cat nap seemed good enough. they loved the water park

We had a great trip. It was really fun getting some one on one time with Trey. Hopefully it will be as fun next year when we throw Peyton in the mix

The 28th was also Landan's 33rd birthday.


PJ - Our life said...

I'm guessing you went to St. George again? There is no title or info!!

Megz said...

Fun traditions you guys are starting for your kids. Now you just need a ' Adult cousins weekend' in St George to round everything off!

Diana said...

Those are such cute pics! I'm excited you guys do such fun things with each of your kids. :)

cold cocoa said...

How fun! You guys definitely know your way around ST. George by now. I bet now is a great time to go.

LC said...

Those kids got some vocals!
St. George sounds so nice. What a fun trip.

Harmony said...

I love trey's cute little voice singing happy birthday!! SO cute!!