Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She is 7!!

Well, she did it. She went right ahead and turned 7 on me. .. And she was happy to do it. Addie had a great day!
I gave in and bought her the glazed donuts she wanted me to bring to her class. She and Miss Dooley did a great job passing them out.

The class then had to wait for Addie to take the first bite before they could eat their donuts. Addie thought she was pretty important.

She got this new pool for summer time fun. Her cousins Hallie and waylon surprised her when she got home from school and they had a fun little swimming adventure.

The Grandparent party was at the bowling alley. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and drinks while we bowled and then sang to Addie and ate birthday cake.

Aunt Carlene gave Addie this doll. She can color her hair, plus many more styles to try out. She was so excited to get this present.
She had a great day. We love our 7 -year- old. She is a wonderfully fantastic girl.


Diana said...

SEVEN? Good heavens. She's getting too big.

Happy Birthday Addie!

Megz said...

That pool looks like loads of fun. And a bowling party with all the grandfolks--can't get any better than that. I can't decide if I can't believe she's 7 or that she's only 7....
Happy Birthday!

wendy said...

she is so CUTE, and what a fun day!

cold cocoa said...

Getting the pool out in April would be my kids dream!
I heard her dance performance was good. What a cute girl!

Lacee DeG said...

Happy bday Miss Addie!