Thursday, April 8, 2010

lots of happenings

Good news first. Landan has a job!!!! He will be starting on Monday as a diesel mechanic for FedEx. We are pretty happy about this job. Same pay as Huff Trucking but better benefits for less money out of our pockets. Only bad part is he will be driving to Salt Lake every day. So lots more money in gas.
Bad News. Our computer crashed. We took it to a guy to fix and found out it would be cheaper to just buy a new one. Fortunately, he is retrieving all of our stuff. So I am happy about that. We bought a new one yesterday. I felt so lost without my computer.
Easter was a hit. The Easter bunny found our house. The kids were happy with their surprises. We had a great Easter Egg Hunt and my parents' house. I walked away with some cash and lots of prizes. coloring eggs. yes, PJ is wearing Addie's shirt. He fell in love with it and wouldn't take it off.
some of the kids at Grandma's Easter egg hunt

my prizes from the Easter egg hunt. Plus 15.00 cash. The kids got a ton of prizes from Grandma too, but I didn't take a picture. Let's just say Grandpa Jim wasn't so thrilled with how much grandma spent on Easter.

I caught my sneaky little boys watching TV and sipping my precious diet coke. I should be angry because they certainly do not need caffeine in their already overactive bodies. Plus, my diet coke is very special to me and that makes two cans gone. But I found it kind of cute.


wendy said...

congrats on the job, and i think you scored at the easter egg hunt!

LC said...

So glad about the job worked out!
mrs. DG is havin way to much fun easter shopping. What a fun time!

Megz said...

You know that your boys are just modeling their mom with the TV/Coke habit. The next think you know they'll be reading trashy magazines in the tub....

stephanie said...

ha ha megan, the trashy magazines in the tub could easily be blamed on Landan.

Effie said...

yeah for a job!

maryruthforsey said...

I only scored $9.00 in cash at my mom/dad's easter egg hunt. BUT I did get a $0.50 camping salt/pepper shaker... so I'm pretty sure that makes up for it. My parents, too, spent a bit much for Easter this year... they say they enjoy it though. Weirdos.

CONGRATS on the job! That does suck that he has to drive that far everyday. But at least the same basic $$ so you don't have to alter your lifestyle too much or make you find work outside the home. When I moved to Clinton and had to work in Alpine still everyday, I almost died. But that was pre-Legacy Highway and each way was an hour and a half. Luckily my work let me move to 3 days at home. But the days that I go to work, I sometimes (if I don't have anywhere pressing to be) enjoy to drive home. I talk on the phone (via bluetooth) and just have a little time with my own thoughts and wind down from my work day. Hopefully Landan can use the time the same.... cuz heaven knows, once he gets home, those boys don't let him have a minute to himself. :)