Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy WOW! I'm a big boy now

Definitely in the top 5 for most difficult tasks I have experienced as a mom would be potty training Trey. He was very anti-potty. After an excruciating week I think he finally has it. I am soooo proud. After many attempts to bribe him with no success, I finally said "Trey, I will do anything! Just say what you want." He said "can I go to Carl's Jr?" That was the key. With Carl's Jr in mind, he started going to the potty.
We celebrated today at Carls Jr. He and Waylon had such a great time that Waylon is considering getting potty trained too, so they can go again.

I guess you never know what is going to motivate a kid. I would have never guessed Carls Jr.


Harmony said...

No more leaving presents on the floor huh? lol Good news!!! Carls Jr. would most def not motivate me, but hey whatever works! yay to go!!

Megz said...

Is it just his muscular thighs, or do those Big Boys look like bikini briefs?
Anyhoo, I am very happy for you to have passed this trial. Surely Peyby won't be so bad.

Diana said...

I feel your pain. Alexandra thinks the potty is the single worst thing known to mankind.

But she is in love with fries and nuggest so maybe I'll try Carl's Jr. too. Congrats to Trey and to YOU from your VERY envious friend that just dropped another 40 bucks on a box of size 5 diapers (something I swore I would never buy... my child WOULD be potty trained before I got to that size. ARG.)

cold cocoa said...

That is always a big sigh of relief to have out of the way! Potty-training can get expensive with all the bribes and rewards!

Kirsten said...

Yay for potty trained kids and Yay for Carls Jr!! Good job, TREY!

LC said...

Are boys way harder to train the girls? If so I'm in for it but I'm glad to know there's a Carl's Jr to the rescue.