Monday, April 19, 2010

and that's a wrap

So another week has gone by.. Landan made it through his first week at the new job. I think he likes it.

We have been enjoying the nice Spring weather. I hope it doesn't snow again.

Addie danced in Hansel and Gretel. She was a grasshopper. She makes a mighty cute grasshopper.
hopping through the grass like a good grasshopper should

she got to be in the same performance as cousin Hallie. That was really fun for the girls

Landan took Peyton to the Utes red and white game. I hope they had some good bonding moments. What better way to bond than going to football game, right?

Trey got an early birthday present. I couldn't resist when I saw that it was on clearance and therefore much cheaper than normal. Trey, Addie, Peyton and about 30 neighborhood children have all been enjoying it.

I won the Red Barn fan Photo contest. The big prize is a jar of jam.


Lacee DeG said...

Maddux is especially enjoying Trey's new toy! It IS adorable!

Megz said...

Those are awesome dance costumes. You don't get that at BYU....
Can't beat winning a jar of jam!

wendy said...

looks like fun at your house. i want to take a spin on the early birthday gift.

Diana said...

I really hope Alexandra is okay with dancing because I think those costumes are so stinkin adorable and can't wait to dress her up in them, at least until she decides she doesn't want to dance anymore. (She's starting when she is 3 and potty trained. I can't wait.) I used to love getting all dolled up in the dance gear... that is until about the time you knew me in high school and I was way too much of a "jock" for that stuff. ;)

I believe Santa may bring a toy like that to Alexandra this year. That is one toy that I was always resentful I never got as a kid. Of course for me to remember I wanted it, I may have possibly been to old/big for one, but that is not the point, right? Pity me, for my HARD powerwheels-less childhood. You can use me as an example in explaining how blessed your children are.

Glad Landan likes his job... being able to pay bills is always a nice feature.

You need to enter a Wonder Bread contest.... for what is jam, without bread? :)

LC said...

Great winning photo!
That is the coolest bday present a kid could ask for.