Thursday, December 30, 2010

kids say the darndest things!

My kids keep me laughing! Yep, I think they are cute.  Every parent should think their kids are cute and funny and super smart.  Because if they don't who will?  well.. maybe grandmas... and a few doting Aunties

Everyone loves Addie's new whiteboard.  Trey was writing on it.  I went in to see what he was doing and saw that he had written "Trey loves Utes Utah"  now the reason I was so proud is not what he wrote but that he could write it.  He has been reading and spelling for awhile now.  But he could not even write one letter at the beginning of the preschool year.  Landan, however, is extremely proud of what he chose to write.

Trey also has recently added two new words to his vocabulary "decapitated" as in "My stop sign got decapitated."  and "Fragile"  used in the sentence,  "Be careful PJ, Daddy is fragile."

 Addie was so upset that I was leaving to go out with the girls the other night. She thought she should be included in dinner with the friends.  After all she is 7.  This was what my kids looked like as I was heading out the door.  The boys couldn't wait for me to leave.  Daddy doesn't enforce many rules when he is in charge. Addie was sobbing.

Landan wants a dog. No one else in the family wants a dog.  Addie said " nobody likes dogs, except for people who do."  She is so wise.
 We had a fun movie day with Carlene's kids.  They watched Ramona and Beezus.  It is such a cute show.  I highly recommend it. I had to take this picture it is so rare to see all 5 kid sitting at the same time.
 PJ, the other night was supposed to be in bed sleeping.  However, I heard loud music coming from his room.  I caught him multiple times that night, jamming out with his guitar.  It was kind of hard to be stern.  He looked so dang cute!


Diana said...

OHMYGOSH... that is a cute post. I love Addie's comments.

I also love that at 7 she still gets upset when you leave. Doesn't it, for a second, make you think - Gee, maybe I should bring her along, how bad can it be?

And then you snap back to your senses on the one time you DID bring her along and you it was as bad as it could be.

Welcome to my world with Alex. Altho, can't help but love her to pieces.

PJ and Trey, cutest boys ever. Seriously. Sorry I didn't write a novel about them, but I have a dramatic girl (maybe another here soon, she's still baby and making baby drama) so I tend to relate more to your girl stories. :)

Megz said...

So it's nice to see that Trey and I are both in tune to Landan's sensitive, or fragile, side.
Maybe since we're of similar minds I can help teach him how to write BYU...

Michelle said...

I am surprised you, I mean Santa, got a loud gift for PJ. Isn't that what grandmas are for? I can see why, though, he got talent.