Tuesday, May 31, 2011

eventful weekend

Friday, we went to take a ride on Thomas the train.  It was part of Trey's birthday.  His birthday isn't until June 7th, but Thomas is only in town memorial day weekend.  So his party was a little early.  Since riding on Thomas is really expensive (at least to me)  I told him he could pick two friends as long as one of them was his brother.  He picked Waylon for his other friend.  The boys thought it was great!

They each picked their favorite train to stand by for this photo.  It cracks me up that Trey's favorite train is Rosie.
after riding the train and seeing all the other adventures in the land of Sodor, we headed over to the Dairy Keen in Heber City.  It was really fun they have tables set up like trains for the little ones.  They also had such a fancy drink selection my boys were in heaven.  They chose peach sprite and raspberry sprite.

I also surprised my kids with a trip to St. George. I woke them up at 6 a.m and told them to get in the car.  When they discovered we were going to St George and staying in the Hurricane house they were so excited.

 We went to sand hollow and played.  It was really windy but the kids still loved it.

PJ was a little afraid of the water which made me happy.  I was concerned before we got there about him being too brave.
My kids also enjoyed taking advantage of their own private movie theater, located in the home we stayed in.  I have to say I enjoyed it too.  It is kind of funny that when we go on vacation to st George we stay in a bigger, fancier home than we live in every day.  However, I think that is half the fun for my kids.

Also, on the way home we stopped to eat lunch.  It was Carlene and Kyle and I with 6 kids.  Landan couldn't come with us because of work.  Well, our waitress totally thought we were a polygamist family.  She kept making strange comments and then my favorite one of the day " I can't imagine what it is like for you two women to fix dinner for this crew every night"
good times were had by all.  My kids were not happy campers this morning when I informed them that the fun is over and I made them do their jobs and summer school work.


cold cocoa said...

How did you do all of that in one little weekend? Looks like a lot of fun. I want to do Thomas some day. Very funny about the polygamist comment. I wonder what that waitress has seen?

cold cocoa said...
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Michelle said...

You do so much more with your kids than I do. You must get sleep at night.

Diana said...

I'm with you, I think that Thomas thing, while awesome, is pricey. How fun for your kids. We're going to St. George this weekend... too bad you didn't delay it by a week cuz then we could've caught the rays together!

LC said...

Cannon is so wanting to be Trey's friend. He would absolutely love to meet Thomas the Train. Looks like C.C. and I will have to take our boys--and enjoy Dairy Keen treats after.
Your St. George spontaneity is to be applauded. What a blast! Next time, pick us up on your way down, won't you:)

Sher said...

Wow, that all sounded fun. Did the waitress not realize that you ladies were dressed all wrong for polygamists? Who has a Hurricane house? It sounds fun to go south and play. It is nice to have family around who can go adventuring with you.

Megz said...

I'm thinking how desperate I would have to be to leave early Sunday morning to go on a long car ride with kids without the husband.... kudos to you.
And good thing my boys never knew Thomas the Train actually came to Utah. The closest we got is the lame movies. Though the Dairy Keen does make it all seem worth it!