Saturday, August 27, 2011

first week of school and happenings

Addie and PJ started school on Monday.  PJ started his monday/wednesday preschool and Addie started 3rd grade in a brand new school.  They both are happy so far.  Trey will start kindergarten on monday.

 PJ on his first day.  Isn't he a cutie. They learned about the letter M and they got mmmmeasured.  I am the proud parent of the tallest kid in the class.

Addie has like modeling her new school outfits this week.  She was easy to shop for this year.  Leggings and dresses.

 the boys surprised me by washing my car.  They were pretty pleased with themselves.
 Pj also gave his car a good scrub.
 We went boating with Grandma and Grandpa Huff and cousin Chad.
 Addie thought she was the bravest kid in the whole world until she fell in and got trapped underneath the raft.  Momentarily scary for all of us and now she is terrified of the water.

We took my parents out for their 40th wedding anniversary.  We took them to the place that they went on their very first anniversary.  Funny thing about that is.. we didn't know that little fact until we were there eating and our parents told us. 


Linsey said...

I can't believe she's in third grade! 3 kids in school, time really does fly.

Lacee DeG said...

We sure are a handsome bunch!

Meghan said...

Tommy is still talking about how yummy his dinner was last night :)

cold cocoa said...

What restaurant was that? IT didn't look familiar. Congrats to your good parents!
Cute outfits. I love leggings...

LC said...

Brandon still has PTSD from getting trapped under a raft at scouts.

Congrats to your parents--that is a lovely posterity pictured there.

Sher said...

I love all of Addie's new clothes --probably because she looks so cute in them. I love that your boys surprised you by washing your car, and I also love that you all managed to get together to take your parents out. With everyone having different schedules and kids too that can be difficult. I was also curious about which restaraunt.