Saturday, August 13, 2011

my awesome boys

It has been a big week for my boys.  It started out with Trey finally learning to pedal.  PJ mastered this skill quite awhile ago.  However, it did not come naturally for Trey.  I told them once Trey could pedal they could both get bikes.  Above is Trey's new bike.  They think they have to be just like dad and be constantly fixing their bikes.

The other big event of the week was DANCE CAMP!!!  yes, that is right my boys went to dance camp and they loved every minute of it.  It was hiphop/breakdancing.

 they are the cutest ever!
 Trey's lightning mcqueen unders are showing.  That is totally cool right?

Trey's teacher Trae, is in the center showing some of his crazy moves
Trey in the hip hop circle showing his mad skills.
 the whole dance camp gang

Video clip of their dance they learned. The best part is the end where you can hear PJ's high pitched scream.

Dance camp was awesome.  It was a very fun week.


Sher said...

I liked the picture of your boys posing together. I'm glad they enjoyed dance camp and got their bikes. Fun!

Megz said...

Love how your manly boys knew it was cool to dance.
So have you taken off PJs training wheels yet?

LC said...

Hip Hop rocks!!
That is so cool and that photo of the homeboys posing? Love it.

Harmony said...

I love love love that picture of them posing! I wish I could see the videos on my phone. :(

Diana said...

LOVE IT!!!! Your boys are seriously so stinkin cute it makes me want to have one.

And then I slap myself for entertaining the idea of another child. My facial nerves are starting to go dead.