Monday, August 8, 2011

orchard days

 Orchard days this year was very full of events.  It started off with running the 5k.  I placed 4th overall in womens and 2nd in my age group.  It was not a good run for me.  I think I am retiring from running races.

We then went to the parade which Addie was in for her cheerleading group

After the parade it was time for face painting
 As you might have guessed Trey was very pleased with his stop sign
 The four of us then entered the cherry pit spit.  The top ten women move on to the finals I placed 11th. Darn it!  In the kids age groups the top 5 move on.  Trey and PJ were in the same division.  PJ placed 6th and Trey placed 8th.  Addie placed 3rd in the preliminaries and so she went on to the finals where she placed 4th.  She is a little too competitive.  She was very upset with her 4th place finish.  I thought it was great

 Here she is in in the finals.  Spitting her last cherry pit
 It was then time for the pie eating contest.  My kids enjoyed this but none of them finished their pie
 That night Addie was in the rodeo for being the little miss Santaquin Queen.  Addie and I also stayed and watched the whole rodeo and fireworks. we got home really late and didn't make it to church on time the next morning
but my kids looked cute anyway.


Diana said...

LOL... I had to laugh because you call Addie "too competitive" for being upset that she finished 4th, which is exactly the number you placed in your race and from the sounds of it were disappointed with your finish.

Like Mother like Daughter? I, of course, had to give you crap. It's my cyber duty. ;)

stephanie said...

Diana, you make a good point but I should explain that I am not disappointed in my ranking but rather in my performance that day. I was a couple of minutes behind my normal pace. However, I appreciate you cyber crap giving;)

TisforTonya said...

:) I used to be really good at spitting watermelon seeds... but the only time we actually competed at it was at Girls' Camp... and that was just to see who could hit the big tree... :)

Megz said...

Maybe the money you save from not running anymore races can go into the buying-me-a-beverage-fund.
Poor Addie. Tell her that she cannot simultaneously reign as Little Miss and Cherry Spitter. Too incongruent.

LC said...

That's a whole bunch of fun! Good job on the race. It must be a thrill to place at all (I wouldn't know.)

Nothing says small town like a cherry spitting contest. (even if you are growing like crazy) I'm surprised our town doesn't have one--we have a demolition derby :)

What fun memories for your kids!

Sher said...

Wow. You really know how to get involved and enjoy orchard days! I'm sorry you didn't race as fast as you thought you should -- but everyone has a bad day now and again. Any day I have to run that far is probably going to be a bad day for me! Way to help your kids have fun memories.