Saturday, August 20, 2011

the last hurrah!

 Addie had a back to school party on Friday.  I had promised her birthday party when she turned 8 and then we never got around to actually having the party so we compromised with a back to school party.  It was the way to go.  I just rented the pool for an hour.  I didn't do treats or have to worry about people feeling obligated to bring presents. Also, because we were renting the pool, I let her invite as many friends as she wanted.  Anyway, it was fun.

 last night we went to Grandma Patty's house for her birthday.  We had a lot of fun visiting, eating, and roasting marshmallows. 
This morning we went to the Utah County Fair.  The kids had fun.  Trey was mesmerized by the zumba dancers.  PJ got annoyed with the sheep.  He did lot like the constant Baa-ing .  He would get up in their faces and say "Shut up, or I will spank your bum".  Those naughty sheep didn't even listen to him.  What BAAAAD sheep.  PJ also wanted me to give the neighbor boy a spanking.  I am sure that would have gone over great with his mother.

I am now teaching dance at Addie's dance studio.  I was already lined up to do choreography there in the Spring.  But now it looks like I will be teaching a class all year.   Good times, I hope.

I can't believe summer break is over.  That went by so fast.  My kids have been driving me crazy so hopefully going back to school is a good thing.


Megz said...

I didn't like how there was a sign by the sheep saying 'want me in your freezer?' It kindof made the baaing seem a lot more pitiful.
Looks like the pool party was a hit. Can't beat not having to do goody bags!

LC said...

What a great idea to have a back-to-school party!

Diana said...

LOL! I love that your kids want you to spank the sheep. Alex went over to the neighbors house and then proceeded to tell their daughter that her mother shouldn't have to tell her to do things more than ONE TIME. Now if only she would take her own advice.....