Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the big 40th surprise

For my mom and dad's 40th wedding anniversary, we took them on a scavenger hunt.  The first clue was delivered to their house by Phil and Jeannette.  The clue told them to go where they went on their first date.
There first date was at the Huish watching "tora tora tora" obviously a movie my dad selected.  My kids gave them their next clue to the orchards where they spent most of their dating time fixing sprinklers.  (How fun) Kyle and Carlene Family met them there to give them their next clue to Aunt Paula's house.  My dad's sister Paula is the one who wanted them to get married. My dad said My mom was too young for him so unless an angel appeared to him he wouldn't marry her.  Paula dressed as an angel and appeared to my dad.  The rest is history...  The next clue was to the Red Barn where they get their weekly ice cream cones.  At that point Jimmy drove them up the canyon to the last location, which was their tree.

 here they are walking to the tree
 This is the new tree they started in 2009  because the original tree was dying.  The original tree was carved in 40 years ago it was a heart with JED +CH and then again in 1996 where they added "still in love"
 when the parents arrived all 40 of us were waiting there with balloons.  That is right folks, on their 40th wedding anniversary they have 40 members in their family. 

WE sent them soaring!

Only 39 went up Jeffrey's got stuck on his braces.  Hee hee it was one of best moments of the night.

 We presented the parents with their gift.  Because the original tree was dying, Tommy and Jimmy cut out the part that had their writings on it and framed it.
 We then had cake that Bones made.  He makes the best chocolate cake

picture of all of the grand kids.

It was a good time!  I think we all had fun and my parents liked it


Sher said...

That sounds very creative and fun and I'm sure your parents appreciated it very much.

Diana said...

Holy crap! That is so stinkin cute!!!... I love the framed tree. How thoughful and I'm sure you're parents LOVED it.

Good work. :)

Megz said...

So sweet and sentimental. Not the adjectives I associate with most of your fam! Sounds like a fun surprise.