Saturday, September 10, 2011

pinewood derby and no training wheels

 For activity days, we had a pinewood derby.  It was a daddy daughter date.  Unfortunately Landan had to work so I got to be dad.  The girls had a lot of fun.

 None of these girls had the fastest cars.  BOO! They are so sad
Addie and Trinadee were acting out what would happen if Trinadee's car beat Addie's in the loser round. Good thing Addie's car was victorious!

This has been a big summer for my boys.  First, they both learned to pedal.  SO they got their bikes. Then they both learned to ride without the training wheels.  PJ conquered it first and does it with a lot more ease than Trey.  Trey is way too aware that there is a possibility of him getting hurt.


Diana said...

Did you cheat and make her car for her? Cuz I'm thinking an Addie original would have won hands-down.

I love the dramatic photos. Enjoy that she still somewhat humors you for that type of thing. I think by her age I woulda been eyerolling by now. :-)

Sher said...

Good job to you for stepping in a being the "Dad" when Dad is busy and for remembering your camera. Good job to your boys for their riding skills. Dan does NOT want those training wheels off. We tried it and he said he was too scared. Maybe next year.

Meghan said...

Addie's car is sure cute, I remember doing that too. And yay for no more training wheels!!

Linsey said...

Pinewood derby for girls? What a great idea!