Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mostly Trey

 Landan and I went to Shirly's funeral last Saturday.  It was a nice service.  Later in the week I took my kids to the cemetery to see where she had been buried. I took a picture because I wanted to have a picture of the floral arrangement we sent.  I thought it was gorgeous.  It is the heartshaped one with the sunflowers.   I loved how the sun came shining through.
Trey has adjusted nicely to kindergarten.  The first week of school, He told me Miss Rowley was nice but she was not as lovely as Miss Stacy.(his preschool teacher)  He even wrote miss Stacy a note saying " I love you, I miss you"  Well last week Trey came home and said " Miss Rowley is nice and beautiful and gorgeous and sunshiny and I love her" 
He says the funniest things and asks the best questions. that often I do not know the answers.  He examines the toilet frequently. "where are those pipes that lead to the sewer when I flush.  I can't see them"  "Where does the water go after it goes down the storm drain?"  If I say " I don't know"  I get the response " Come on Mom, Just tell me"  I guess he thinks I am smarter than I am. or my latest favorite.  "What is a bureaucracy?"  He is a worry wart.  He is constantly brushing his teeth to prevent gingivitis.  Every time we get near water he asks if he is going to drown.  He rides his bike to school. Only he really walks it half the way because he might get going too fast on the hill.  He wants to be a crossing guard again this year for Halloween.  I was excited since we already have the costume.  However, He wants to switch it up this year and hold a GO sign instead of a STOP sign.  He is the funniest, most delightful kid, when he is not throwing tantrums. Now if I can just find his TORNADO SHELTER and NO DRINKING UNDER 21 signs that he wants for christmas, I will be the best mom ever.


Megz said...

You have to teach Trey about google. Then he can research all his own answers and maybe teach you a thing or two.
Yay for rerun Halloween costumes!

Diana said...

Yes. Tornados run a muck round these parts, I'm glad he'll be prepared. ;)

What a cute boy! I love posts like these. The little stuff is what makes kids so awesome.

That was a really pretty arrangement. :)

LC said...

Funny kid Trey is! Maybe he would like the book "The Way Things Work." My mom got me that when I was a kid, even though I didn't ask awesome questions like Trey.

That flower arrangement is perfect! What a nice tribute to your friend.

Sher said...

I think it's fun that Trey thinks you know things and you just aren't telling him. Curiosity is a good thing, he'll end up knowing a lot. I had to laugh at what he wants for Christmas. How did he come up with those signs to want?