Thursday, September 15, 2011

A good friend

A few months ago, Sharolyn, who Megz and I lovingly refer to as Shirly, asked me to write down my memories of her.  I started to do so, but got a little lazy and never finished the project.  I guess people always think they have more time.

Sharolyn passed away Tuesday.  She was just 34 years old. She died of fibro sarcoma primary bone cancer.  I knew this time was coming but I was completely unprepared.

I met Sharolyn in 8th grade.  She passed me a note in vocational core that said " Do you watch Days?"  I wrote her a note saying I used to watch it with my friend Amy but hadn't seen it in a long time.  The next several notes was her catching me up on what had happened in the last few years of that soap.  We were instant friends.  I think partly because we both liked to be a little rebellious without going too far.  She always was full of energy. when I was with her we always laughed a lot.  We loved to be a little naughty like when we sang Entrepreneurship in Mrs Monteirth's class We changed it to entrepeneurSHIT.  I know I know super mature but it was hilarious in 8th grade.  Funny thing is.. later in life she was indeed an entrepreneur.

Sharolyn and I have remained friends since the 8th grade.  At some points in our life we were closer than other times. I remember when she was diagnosed with cancer the first time.  It was thyroid.  It was a scare for sure but she seemed to get over that one quickly.  Around this time, Megan, Shirly and I went to Vegas together.  It was such a fun time, which over the years we have joked about many of the funny things that happened on that trip.

She was with me during the time I was dating Landan, in fact some people thought he was dating her and not me.   While Landan and I were engaged, we went with Sharolyn, Michael and Ty on a trip to Moab.  We had a great time.  She had purchased this really unattractive van/car that we went on road trips in.  I am looking at it in the background of this pic and thinking it looks a lot like the van I now drive.

She was at my wedding.

Sharolyn, Along with Melissa and Heather entertained at my wedding.  Shirly was a great pianist and singer.  She also had many other talents.  She made an incredible video for my Special Olympians as well as making the wedding videos for two of my siblings.

Sharolyn tried out for American Idol and made it on air.  She dressed as half man/half woman and did a duet with herself.  It was hilarious.  I remember how excited she was about that.  Sometimes her exuberance for things or the way she looked at a situation made me roll my eyes.  However, it is funny how those eye rolling moments are actually what I find most endearing about her. She was simply Sharolyn!  She seemed to always know who she was and it didn't matter what others thought.

In the last 5 years or so, I noticed a certain maturity about her.  Her view on life was so incredibly optimistic.  I can't help but wonder if subconsciously people know when there isn't much time left.
When she called me to tell me that she had cancer again, I remember feeling very upset but also thinking she would get through this one just like she had with her first bout of cancer a decade earlier.  When I found out doctors gave her 3 months to 2 years I was devastated. It was so unfair.  She hadn't had all the worldly opportunities that she so desired. 

I am grateful for the last year of opportunities I had with her.  Whether it was going to see a play at Hale theatre.  Or going out to dinner, meeting at her house for pizza or visiting her at the hospital it was always a good time.  Her attitude was so positive that sometimes I forgot that she was sick. I admire her for that!

This picture is with a cast member from "hairspray"
She was a dear friend who will be greatly missed. "Some people come in our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts-and we are never, ever the same."  Thanks for being my friend, Shirly, I love you.


Marche said...

Stephanie, this is such a beautiful tribute to your friend. Thanks for sharing. I am sorry for your loss.

Lacee DeG said...

She sounds like a wonderful person, I'm so glad you were able to do so many fun things together! Cancer stinks.

Meghan said...

Tears. That was so sweet. She sounds like an awesome person and friend! So sorry for you.

LC said...

I enjoyed reading this--so beautiful.

Diana said...

What a tribute! She sounds like an awesome person. Cancer is not fair and I'll be chatting with God about that in the way distant future.


Harmony said...

This made me miss her so much! Made me cry too. I was one of those people that thought she was dating landan. Loved her from the second I met her. gonna miss being called harley. Love ya shirley.

cold cocoa said...

That's a nice tribute. How great you and Megan could do fun things with her the last while.

Linsey said...

She sounds lovely. I'm sorry for your loss.

Sher said...

That was a good tribute to your friend. Thanks for sharing.