Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, Carlene and I ran the speedy spaniard 10k on the 24th. It was fun!! stats: 63/350 female age group 18/86

Afterwards we went to the parade. In the late afternoon we went to the DeGraffenried 24th celebration bash. We had boat races and forklift rides.
The big treasure hunt is always the favorite. The kids learn about their ancestors with each clue and then get big bags of treasures at the end of the hunt. It is split into 2 hunts. The first one is for the children 5 and under and the second for 6 and older.

6 and up

5 and under

landan, the children and I played basketball. I was showing the kids how it is done.

A cat adopted us. One day he/she (haven't checked) showed up at our door and hasn't left. Apparently the cat doesn't know my track record with cats. The kids named it Quincy.

PJ loves Quincy but I am not sure Quincy loves Pj.


Megz said...

What, no stats on your race??
And yes, with your track record, you had better check on that kitty gender thing. Before you know it you're going to be running over dozens of kitties soon....

Diana said...

What a nice person to let a cat adopt you. I don't really like cats so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't want stay around my house, what with the mean yelling lady constantly running around.

What a fun idea to incorporate our ancestors into this holiday ABOUT them. I should do something like that, except, wait, I know very little details about my ancestors. Prolly should fix that. :-)

Nice job on the speedy spaniard!

Lacee DeG said...

I hear ya on the neon legs...Maybe we should spray tan :)!! I love the pic with PJ and the cat looks like it's going to claw PJs eyeballs out...Craaazy!

LC said...

That sounds like a way more eventful holiday than we had around here...not even leaving our home...